Sunday, June 14, 2009

The discovery of!

So, the other night, I was cruising around etsy minding my own business. And all of a sudden, the little red "1" pops up by the conversations heading. I clicked it eagerly, not even imagining what I'd find. I wasn't expecting a convo from anyone, and I hadn't hand any recent sales that needed further communication, so I figured it was just some random praise or questions.

Boy was I ever wrong.

I blinked as I glossed over the convo a few times. My eyes were seeing the words, but my brain wasn't making heads or tails of it.

"Check it out - you've been featured! Have a great weekend :)"
- Ruthie

WhawhawhawhawhawhaWHAT? I nearly messed myself. Seriously! This was the first mention of being featured for ANYTHING, either on etsy or off, and I was completely stunned. Now granted, it was only for a destash listing, so I can't take TOO much credit for it. But still. That's freaking awesome!

Moreover, having this fellow etsian feature me like this on her blog also introduced me to something wonderful: the widget she uses to post her own treasuries. It's from another nifty crafty community website (, and with it, you can use it to create your own collections of items both etsy and non-etsy! And since I have SUCH terrible luck when attempting to snag a bonafide etsy treasury, this concept highly appeals to me.

Therefore, since i'm extremely excited and anxious to try this out (and in a horribly silly mood), I give you my VERY FIRST collection: Ode to Crappy Days (since getting featured really turned my crappy day around).

And I leave you all with that! :) I Hope someone gets a giggle out of it. I certainly did.

Keep on craftin'!

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Rachel said...

What a nice surprise! I hope it gets your work some more attention and sales. :P