Thursday, March 20, 2008

It's been a while...

I apologize for my slight absence. Things have been a little crazy here in northern Michigan. The job market is completely dead and I've been relying on my Etsy sales as my only form of income. Even most fast food places aren't hiring. That's gotta say something about the terrible direction our economy is in. But hopefully something will open up soon. Is it this terrible everywhere else? It's hard to see anything beyond what you experience day to day, but I'm really curious if the job market is just as dead other places as it is here.

My Etsy sales aren't too terrible, but they definitely could be better. I've heard from the forums and chat that everyone is having a bit of a slump. I guess it just goes hand in hand. Less money, less purchases. Less purchases, less money.

Anyway, listed a ton of awesome destash (mostly glass beads) and now I'm just waiting for someone to snatch it all up. I've been making a slow transition to antique brass work, so I've been trying to get rid of some old supplies and make room for the new stuff I've ordered. Check my recent listings to snag some good deals!

I also hope to begin listing some peices from my stained glass and ceramics classes in the next few weeks. Keep an eye out for stained glass suncatchers and panels, and perhaps some hand-thrown ceramic bowls and mugs. (Stained glass will be easier to part with since the teacher grades it right when you finish it. But for most of my ceramic projects, the teacher saves em up for a semester end critique. So those peices may take a while...)

That's all for today methinks. Take care, fellow Etsyians.


Rach said...

All the very best with your job search - I see in the news that things are getting tougher in the US. Fingers crossed etsy sales will pick up in the spring.

Kerry said...

It's slump season all over. I work for a retail web site and our sales are sllloooowwww right now.
I we were making bombs instead of art, we'd be zillionaires by now.