Friday, December 7, 2007


Hello Blogspot!

My name is Christine and I'm the sole proprietor of
Audespero Creations Ltd.---an Etsy-run, online jewelry business.

When I turned 23 in October of 2007, I realized I was bored with how I'd been living lately. I was bored of the mundane daily routine of college classes, work, sleep, and repeat. Bored of cooking, bored of driving, bored of writing, bored of everything. Or so it seemed. It was then that I picked up a pair of pliers, some wire, and a couple beads, and I found my way back into the creative melting pot I'd so loved as a child. Not long after that, I started creating more and more things and began listing on
Etsy. I've been addicted ever since.

And now, I'm here. I've noticed that several other people on Etsy have created a blog to chart their progress/shop updates, feature special products and designs, and most of all, review other Etsy sellers. Well, call me sheep and toss me on the bandwagon! Here I am!

In the next few days, I hope to start using this blog as a way to do some of those very same things. Most of all, I'd like to get closer with all my customers and fellow Etsy artists, and share the personal side of what I do and share a little more about myself. I might even toss in a few rants, music and recipe reviews, and more from time to time. Who knows.

Thanks for stopping by. Check back soon for more updates!

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